G33 car storage at Porsche Ring in Audru, Estonia


Location next to the racetrack grants especially convenient car storage services for trackday participants!

Imagine — upon arriving at the circuit you can leave daily driver at our parking space in front of the car hotel, take the track day vehicle from the storage and after completing quick laps on the Porsche Ring park the trackday vehicle at our car hotel and leave again with your daily driver. What makes this option particularly convenient is that there is no need for lengthy notice period before picking up the car from storage, just a simple phone call and the car is ready for departure. Customers can store their vehicle with us seasonally or year-round. Different discounts apply for more than one vehicle and year-round storage.

As a bonus, it is possible to legally travel from the car storage to the circuit and back without a need for insurance, MOT or even registering the vehicle at the Transport Authority (if the vehicle is not planned to be driven on public roads anyway).

Sinu superauto hoiustamine Prosche Ringi authotellis on turvaline
To keep your mind at ease, so you do not have to worry about the safety and well-being of your friend, our garage has a modern CCTV system and an automatic fire detection and fire alarm system. Modern equipment also guards the surrounding territory. The building ensures uniform temperature and humidity all year round, which means that your vehicle has the best possible storage conditions.
Rehvirõhu kontrollimine
We provide battery maintenance, so your car is always fully charged, look after tire pressure all year round, and we also observe fluid levels. During the storage period, we provide the car covers.
We serve our customers in the best possible way. If you have any special requests or ideas, please let us know. We are always open to new solutions.
Porsche ring on kohe vastas
Garage 33 car storage, located at Porsche Ring racetrack near Pärnu, Estonia, is a great place for all flavours of trackday enthusiasts, but also for owners of hobby- and supercars in the Pärnu region! Located directly at the gate of the Porsche Ring racetrack, it offers direct access to the racetrack from our car storage without using public roads, which is especially suitable for owners of sports cars adapted to the circuit.
Koht sinu lemmikule Porsche Ringil
We have a place for your classic or competition vehicle.:

Secure & discreet
Climate controlled facility all year round
Battery trickle charge
Fluid and tire pressure control
Car cover included in the storage period
Pre-season preparation of the vehicle
Vehicle transportation