Our customers sometimes buy and sometimes sell their vehicles, in both cases, we’re here to assist You. However, in any given transaction we work for only one party. Our passion, knowledge and expertise offers you a subjective opinion when considering either the sale or purchase of a special motor car.


Garage 33 will act as an agent and is well positioned to search for exactly the car You’re after. A majority of cars that might interest You do not generally end up in well-known sales websites, but change ownership at the auctions, in private sales or via word by mouth instead.

Sometimes our customers are unsure, which motor car will fit them best, in this case Garage 33 will help You choose a target or number of potential targets and then negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best possible outcome at fair price. 

Especially in cases of searching for more specific targets, we as an agent are in a strong position to negotiate the price on behalf of end customers. 

We always make sure our customer is well informed about the motor car they are offered to buy, including all details about the target vehicle factory data sheet, service history, reasons of its sale by current owner, how long it already has been available on the market and last but not least – what is the perspective of the target vehicle price development over the years to come. 

We have a long experience in buying cars at various auctions organised around the world. We, at Garage 33 offer You a full service – car transportation, as well as its preparation and registration. 

In regards of costs we work in a fully transparent manner for our customers. All related fees (transportation, registration fees, insurance etc) are forwarded to customer without added margins – if trailer transportation is quoted at 500 euros, then it will be exactly a 500 euro cost for our customer. Garage 33 remuneration for assisting customers in buying vehicles consists of two variables – fixed percentage of vehicle price (2%-3% depending on the price) and a fair share of discount (33%-50%) negotiated by us for our customer from initial asking price (does not apply on purchase of vehicles from auctions).


We approach each sale individually, our agenda is not to become a huge car dealership, which would sell hundreds of cars every year, but be a special motor car boutique known by the quality of our service, well-documented backgrounds and a variety of “unusual” vehicles offered for sale, and thrustworthiness of the seller.

We do advertise in local and global car sales websites as well as directly to our partners in EU and beyond. Depending on the exact motor car sale we work on, we promote our ads in various social media exclusive vehicles groups as well as in make and model specific forums around the globe. 

Professional photos of motor cars offered for sale will always be accompanied with as thorough description and history file of the specific vehicle as possible. We dedicate a significant amount of man hours to every sale, we approach the sale individually and the seller will be informed about all the incoming queries as well as market price developments of similar vehicles offered on the market throughout the process. 

Garage 33 remuneration for the sales amounts from five to ten percent of the vehicle price. If the vehicle is stored at our place during the sales, we do not charge for storage, though should the customer withdraw the vehicle from the sale, it will result in a storage invoice at our regular rates.

Whether You are selling or buying a vehicle, we do approach each case individually and passionately, our expertise is focused on the best possible financial outcome for our client, as well as on a quick, easy and hassle-free transaction for You!

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