These specialized cushions prevent tyre ovalization over long periods of vehicle parking. Ovalization is a phenomenon that physically affects the tyres of vehicles and compromises their durability and efficiency. This phenomenon is caused by the flattening of the contact area of the tyre with the ground, causing temporary steering vibrations when starting driving.
Kuberth Easyrise-S Dimensions
EASYRISE-S sizes are specially designed to fit a wide range of tyres of sports cars. The cushion ideally supports a maximum tyre width of 400 mm.
Kuberth Design Principle
Kuberth has been studying for years products that can prevent and delay the phenomenon of ovalization, guaranteeing a longer duration of the tyre. Kuberth products are characterized by a cradle shape that allows to increase the contact surface of the tyre, in order to consent a uniform weight distribution and prevent flattening. The polyurethane used for the production of the products thermally isolates the tyre from the ground, avoiding its premature aging due to continuous temperature changes. Kuberth has created a range of 3 products designed to adapt to different tyre sizes from vintage cars to supercars to motorcycles...
Kuberth anti-ovalization tyre cushions are designed to distribute weight of the vehicle over a larger and homogenous contact surface. We offer these anti-ovalization tyre cushions for motor vehicles in two different sizes as well as for motorcycles,
Kuberth Easyrise is entirely made in Italy and hand coated with UV protection layer, which effectively makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


For the proper use of the product please follow the instructions in the illustrations below. To avoid damaging the Easyrise cushions, position the car wheels on them using the inertia of the car avoiding accelerations when the wheels are on the product.
Kuberth - Step 1
Kuberth - Step 2
Kuberth - Step 3


Tyre cushion Easyrise-S, designed for modern sports and supercars
Length 650 mm / Width 400 mm / Height 75 mm / Max thread width 400 mm
Easyrise-S Black with Blue Logo
Easyrise-S Brown Red
Easyrise-S Sahara
Easyrise-S Black with Silver Logo
Easyrise-S Blue
Easyrise-S Metallic Silver
Easyrise-S Black with Golden Logo
Easyrise-S Gray
Easyrise-S Metallic Purple
Each set of Easyrise-S consists of four tire cushions with anti-slip areas underneath and a bag for perfect storing of the tyre cushions for storage when not in use.
Tyre cushion Easyrise-V, designed for vintage cars
Length 650 mm / Width 250 mm / Height 65 mm / Max thread width 250 mm
Easyrise-V Black
Easyrise-V Chrome Green
Easyrise-V Brown Red
Easyrise-V Blue
Each set of Easyrise-V consists of four tire cushions with anti-slip areas underneath and a bag for perfect storing of the tyre cushions for storage when not in use.
Winterpad designed for motorcycles
Length 500 mm / Width 230 mm / Height 60 mm / Max thread width 230 mm
Kuberth Winterpad Black
Each set of Winterpads consists of two tyre cushions with anti-slip areas underneath and a bag for perfect storing of the cushions for storage when not in use.


Easyrise-S and Easyrise-V sets consist of four tyre cushions with anti-slip areas underneath, Winterpad sets consist of two motorcycle tyre cushions, and all sets include a bag for storing.
Please mention the product code(s) and the desired amount of the sets you wish to order.
We will reply to you within 2 working days.

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